Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 19

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 19

Out of Sight

  • After locking Luce in a tower and strapping her to a table—again, not our idea of safe—Miss Sophia reveals her plan to kill Luce, once and for all, and she admits that this time, there is indeed something different.
  • The secret is that in this lifetime, Luce wasn't baptized—which apparently makes all the difference, because now there is nowhere in the religious cycle for Luce's soul to go.
  • So if Luce dies, she dies for good.
  • We're starting to think that Miss Sophia really isn't a nice person.
  • Luce hopes she can stall Miss Sophia with talking until Daniel, or someone, shows up to save her, so she asks why Miss Sophia wants her dead.
  • Miss Sophia admits that she just wants Luce eliminated so she can free Daniel. She also wants to tip the balance and stop this endless cycle.
  • Thankfully, before Miss Sophia can end Luce's life and tip that balance she's talking so much about, someone intervenes, with a beautiful flash of glowing light and a soft hum.
  • Daniel, Gabbe, and Arriane show up, all with beautiful wings, saving Luce as Miss Sophia flees the scene of the crime.
  • Turns out, they're all fallen angels.
  • Daniel also reveals that Miss Sophia was one of the twenty-four elders in Heaven, one of the Zhsmaelim, but now she's on the outs, because trying to kill Luce is grounds for exile.
  • Daniel assures Luce that the battle is over for now, but that she's not safe there.
  • Gee, what gave that away?
  • Having decided that Luce needs to leave Sword & Cross, Daniel sets about arranging for her departure—but not before one last swim at the lake.
  • So, wait, just to clarify: is no one at this school actually human?