Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 4

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 4

Graveyard Shift

  • The next morning, Luce has to wake up at the crack of dawn to find her way to the cemetery for detention, which is held by Ms. Tross.
  • The students call Ms. Tross The Albatross, because even though they're all reform students, they can still have a sense of mean humor.
  • Detention consists of cleaning the cemetery and polishing the graves and the statues.
  • Sure, free child labor as a form of reform. Seriously, how has this school not been shut down by now?
  • Luce and Arriane team up to tackle the avenging angel statue, while Luce watches Daniel team up with Molly, her new mortal enemy.
  • Life is so unfair.
  • When Luce asks Arriane about it, Arriane tells her not to worry: detention buddies does not equal real life buddies.
  • Arriane also explains that she actually likes Luce and thinks she might be useful to have around.
  • Luce confesses what happened to land her, and Arriane snaps to the judgment that Luce is a pyromaniac. Arriane also believes this will help her and Roland pull of even more heists.
  • Arriane then runs off to tell Roland, and Luce waits for the gossip to spread like, ahem, wildfire.
  • We know, we're hilarious.
  • With Arriane gone, Luce goes back to work, but Daniel again distracts her, and she thinks to herself, "He's always been such a hard worker" (4.79)—which is a really weird thing for someone to think about a stranger.
  • It's almost like Luce thinks she knows Daniel from somewhere, isn't it?
  • Just then, Molly comes over to Luce and gives her a cryptic warming to stay away from Daniel: "Just trust me when I tell you that falling for Daniel would be a very, very bad idea" (4.84).
  • That seems like something an ex-girlfriend would say, so Luce isn't sure she can trust Molly's intentions.
  • Luce, still unsure what to make of this suggested advice, sees Daniel coming toward her, and immediately he asks what Molly wanted.
  • Luce panics about the answer and cracks her knuckles to stall for time.
  • In a strange moment of actual normal conversation, Daniel says, "I hate it when you do that" (4.91).
  • But still, that's a really strange thing to say: how can Daniel not only know that Luce cracks her knuckles, but also seem to know enough about it to have an opinion on it? What's going on with him?
  • Before Luce can answer Daniel, the avenging angel statue that she has been cleaning begins to topple to the ground, and Daniel gets her out of the way in time so that the angel doesn't turn her into a pancake.
  • What the heck?
  • Daniel and Luce share a moment of intense eye-staring before Cam pulls her out from under the statue, and before Luce can register what happened, Daniel is gone, as if he weren't just there a moment ago, staring intently into her eyes after saving her life.
  • Molly reminds Luce that she should probably listen to her about staying away from Daniel, given that she almost died after being five feet away from him and all.
  • Nah, probably nothing to worry about.