Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 5

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 5

The Inner Circle

  • On Wednesday, Luce is allowed fifteen minutes of phone privileges to call whoever she wants. She opts to call her best friend Callie, who she hasn't been able to text in a week. She misses her terribly.
  • Luce has to call Callie using an old phone booth, because this place isn't weird enough already. Maybe they're trying to include a Dr. Who or Superman reference to liven things up a bit?
  • After reading Luce the riot act about lack of communication, Callie wants to know everything about the kids at the new school, how the classes are, and most importantly, if there are any new guys Luce thinks are cute.
  • Luce is torn between telling Callie about Daniel and Cam, so she settles with telling Callie about Cam, since he's expressed legitimate outward interest in her, and all Daniel has done is act like a jerk, flip her off, glare at her, or otherwise ignore her.
  • Just as Luce is about to spill everything to Callie, Cam shows up outside the phone booth, and Luce can't get in a word out about him before her time with Callie runs out.
  • There are more of those nefarious shadows in the hallway, but nothing seems to be happening with them; they just show up to make Luce feel uneasy and cold.
  • Once she's off the phone, Cam invites Luce to his room for a party that's going to happen that night after the entire school endures a "Social," a movie viewing that happens every Wednesday.
  • Daniel walks by the hallway at that moment and almost seems to encourage Luce to go to Cam's party with a nod of his head.
  • So Luce agrees, and Cam is elated.
  • That night, Luce, Penn, and Arriane run across the quad for movie night, and Arriane shows Luce the way to find the perfect seat, offering up Todd as the scapegoat who will sit next to Mr. Cole (that will prevent him from hanging out at Cam's party later).
  • After the movie, Arriane, Penn, and Luce go to Cam's room, where a good percentage of the school is already there, drinking and listening to music.
  • Penn is a little worried about fitting in, but with Luce's help she relaxes a bit.
  • Luce has a good view of Daniel, who is also there. Until he slips away for reasons unknown, that is. Luce makes up an excuse to leave the party and follow him
  • Luce, we hate to break this to you, but this might vaguely qualify as stalking behavior. Just saying.
  • After slipping out of the party, Luce discovers Daniel talking to Gabbe in the hallway, and the way they're talking makes Luce think they're having a lovers' quarrel. She leaves the hallway, feeling dejected.
  • See what happens when you try to follow someone, Luce?
  • Bad things, that's what happens.