Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 7

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 7

Shedding Light

  • After her embarrassing meeting with Daniel, Luce is on her way to class when Cam stops her with the promise of a picnic.
  • Luce's pride is still stinging over Daniel's dismissal, so she agrees to spend some quality time with Cam, who takes her back to the cemetery for a picnic lunch.
  • How romantic?
  • Luce and Cam admire the tombstones as they stroll into the cemetery, Cam slinging a lunch pack at his side. The two finally come to a stop at the bottom of the bowl to share Cam's picnic.
  • Luce wonders at all the food he brought, and he confesses that he saw her crossing the quad and packed it all up in the hopes the she would share it with him.
  • So Cam's charming Luce to pieces when a snake shows up in the middle of their lunch, scaring the jellybeans out of Luce and causing Cam to laugh at her fright.
  • All of a sudden, Gabbe shows up, putting Luce immediately on the defensive, because, hey, what's she trying to do, steal Cam on top of Daniel?
  • As if.
  • With Gabbe's interruption, Luce and Cam's picnic comes to a close, and Luce and Gabbe trudge off to Miss Sophia's class, where the students are learning about heritage and how to trace their family trees.
  • Luce, mind still torn over Daniel's rebuff in the weight room, decides to take matters into her own hands. Instead of searching for her name in the Internet's database, searches for his. Oh, snap.