Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 9

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 9

State of Innocence

  • That following Monday, Luce and the rest of her classmates sit in on a late lecture in Miss Sophia's religion class.
  • The midterm is coming up and Luce feels woefully unprepared, having missed a month of classes.
  • Study hall wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that Miss Sophia uses shadow puppets to teach the students the subject matter.
  • Shadow puppets? What, papier-mâché wasn't going to be helpful for learning about world religion?
  • As Miss Sophia shadow puppets on about the Bible, talking about the fall of creation and the war in Heaven, Luce wonders if she should have partaken in one of the meat sandwiches Randy had carted in before the lecture.
  • When Miss Sophia begins talking about Lucifer, Molly, Luce's first nemesis, drops a note onto Luce's desk.
  • "Luce…Lucifer…Any relation?" (9.24).
  • Wow, so original, Molly. Bet no one's thought of that before.
  • Luce falls off the lecture bandwagon to daydream about Daniel saving her from a school of shadow fish and soaring with her into the air—but she's pulled out of it when she gets into a note-passing skirmish with Molly, who tries to intercept Arriane's note to Luce.
  • Then, blessedly, the lecture is over.
  • Or not, because Daniel shows up at Luce's desk to apologize for abandoning her at the lake.
  • Luce, ever coy, brings up Daniel's family out of nowhere, saying, "I didn't know you had any" (9.74).
  • Don't give away that you know he's an orphan, Luce. That's rule #1 of being a spy: never reveal your secrets.
  • Besides, doesn't it make sense that the guy would have had a family at some point? He's not an alien. Or even if he is, it's not nice to judge.
  • Daniel accurately points out that Luce shouldn't know anything about whether he does or doesn't have a family. Then he goes off with Roland, leaving Luce to feel lonely and even more stalkerish than she really is.