Study Guide

Fallen Light and Shadow

By Lauren Kate

Light and Shadow

Light and shadow, black and white, good and evil: Fallen's all about the mysterious doings of some troubled teenage angels at a Southern reform school. But what's good, and what's bad? Most of the book takes place in a moral gray area—and there are a lot of other colors at play, too: Cam's green eyes conjure images of grass, but also of snake scales; Daniel's golden hair and gray eyes conjure an image of lovely, ethereal beauty; Arriane's black hair indicates rebellion, as does Luce's. And did we mention that shadows are actual characters here?

Questions About Light and Shadow

  1. How do light and shadow play into the larger implications of good and evil in the book, and how does pairing light with Daniel and dark with Cam play into these implications?
  2. How do light and dark play into the settings and the emotions that Luce feels? How do they highlight her tumultuous feelings?
  3. If the shadows are not really creating any damage but are acting primarily as spies, how does that change the potential of their ominous behavior? Moreover, what does it mean that Luce can start to manipulate and act against them? Does it show an increase in her power over them?

Chew on This

If Luce can manipulate shadows, and if she can see the light emanating off Daniel, this might indicate that there's something supernatural about her, beyond the whole reincarnation business.

If Luce can see Daniel's ethereal glow, it shows that she has a special relationship with him. Arriane and Gabbe and Cam are also fallen angels, but Luce doesn't see the glow coming from them.