Study Guide

Fallen Loneliness and Friendship

By Lauren Kate

Loneliness and Friendship

One is the loneliest number, as Fallen's Luce Price knows all too well. Luce's misadventures at Sword & Cross leave her feeling quite alone for much of the book. Sure, she does eventually make friends, including some good ones, but life's just not right when the hunky bad boy doesn't notice you. Can the presence of almost-as-hunky Cam alleviate some of Luce's loneliness? Or Daniel the only one who can make her feel all that romantic goo? Hey, at least she has Penn and Arianne and Gabbe to help her keep her head sort of on. #girlcode

Questions About Loneliness and Friendship

  1. How would Luce's experience have been different if she had been able to talk to Callie or her parents more frequently? Would she have been able to get better relationship advice, or would she have lied to both about liking Cam when she really liked Daniel?
  2. Does it seem like Arriane and Roland are more than friends? This might just be us shipping them harder than the book does, but they do make a cute couple.
  3. Does Daniel's hostility push Luce toward Cam? Or is Luce just seeking attention all on her own? Does she seem like the type of person who needs to be liked?

Chew on This

The angelic students have had many lifetimes to get to know one another. Friends who rebel against God together stick together.

Like Luce, Daniel seems to be the only one who is both within a friend group and outside of it. He hangs out with Roland sometimes, but he also goes off on his own. Could this be tied to his relationship with Luce, and the fact that he's somehow more damned than the other fallen angels?