Study Guide

Fallen Loss

By Lauren Kate


Fallen is the story of a young man destined to lose the love of his life over and over and over again, every seventeen years. But over the course of the novel, as we see Luce trying to piece together her own scattered memories, we realize that even though Daniel losing her over and over again is a tragedy, Luce losing herself over and over again strikes a deeper chord. All the lives she lived, all the experiences she would have had that she can no longer remember, all of it make up the person she is now.

Questions About Loss

  1. Which character's backstory do you think is the most tragic?
  2. How much of the book does Luce really spend morning Trevor's death? Do you think her superficial sense of duty for his loss is real, or do you think that she's taking more of a selfish approach over the loss of her former life at Dover Prep?
  3. How do Luce's parents handle her going to Sword & Cross? Is their behavior believable, or, as Luce claims, does it really show that they're scared of her?
  4. How does Penn's death at the end of the book tie into this overwhelming sense of loss, and what does it add to the message of the story? Does Luce seem much affected by it, or is Luce more interested in her dating life than in the loss of Penn?

Chew on This

Luce mourns many things during her time at Sword & Cross: her hair, her friendship with Callie, Penn, her parents. But none of that seems to be on her mind as she's getting into a plane with Mr. Cole in the last chapter: she has grown as a character.

The outlawing of cell phones makes it a lot harder not only for the students to communicate quickly with the outside world, but also with each other.