Study Guide

Fallen Memory and Dreams

By Lauren Kate

Memory and Dreams

When you've been alive, in one form or another, for hundreds of years, you're gonna have a lot of memories to sift through. That's certainly the case for Luce and Daniel in Fallen, anyway. As soon as she gets to Sword & Cross, Luce begins having strange dreams that all revolve around a certain mysterious young man. Daniel, for his part, tells us pretty much straight up that he's haunted by so many memories of losing Luce. Can anything they do break the cycle?

Questions About Memory and Dreams

  1. Dreams are sometimes prophetic, but Luce's memories and her dreams are directly tied together. What would happen if she hadn't had those dreams, or what if they had been more disjointed? Would she have been more or less likely to believe what Daniel tells her later?
  2. If Daniel knows that being standoffish never works, how could he switch up his tactics? Could he pretend to befriend Luce and keep her just as a friend? Could he make it so that he would have another girlfriend when they met? What excuse might have worked in the past to keep Luce alive?
  3. How would Fallen be different it were set in a different time or place? Would social restrictions change the way Luce and Daniel interact? What if they had met again in the distant past, or in the distant future? Would their memories of each other be as potent?
  4. How would the story be different if it were written entirely from Daniel's perspective?

Chew on This

If Luce's memories are all stored up from her past lives, does that mean she really has experienced everything she's done and seen in her dreams?

Luce's age might have something to do with the particular memories that she remembers. Imagine what her memories would be like if she could live into her twenties or thirties.