Study Guide

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Violence

By J.K. Rowling


Watch any National Geographic special and you'll find out pretty quick—nature can be brutal. The magical world is no different. Sure, the fantastic beasts found in this book are beautiful and amazing, but they can also brutal, violent, and extremely dangerous.

But, instead of viewing these monsters as a menace to be destroyed, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them portrays them as creatures to be understood and studied. They're not trying to kill humans because they're mean—it's just what nature has programmed them to do.

Hey, Acromantulas gotta eat too.

Questions About Violence

  1. Nature can be pretty violent. Can you think of any non-magical creatures that are just as violent as these magical one?
  2. Does the Ministry of Magic classification system make sense? Were you surprised that there are only a handful of very dangerous animals?
  3. Do you agree that dangerous magical creatures like the Acromantula or the Nundu should be hidden and preserved? Or should they be destroyed?

Chew on This

Humans can be violent, so it makes sense that creatures can be violent, too.

Dangerous magical creatures (such as dragons and Nundus) are not really like dangerous non-magical creatures because they have the potential to harm large groups of people in a small period of time.