Study Guide

A Farewell to Arms Characters

By Ernest Hemingway

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Frederic Henry

Frederic Henry runs the show, and the past, in A Farewell to Arms. And he does it from the future...

Catherine Barkley

In the 1970s and 80s, critics Judith Fetterly and Millicent Bell argued that the character of...

The Baby

The baby doesn’t seem like much of a character. He acts as both a marker of time in the...

Lieutenant Rinaldi

Rinaldi, the surgeon at the Red Cross Hospital, is important to the novel not only because he...

The Priest

Why doesn’t the priest get a name? Is it because he’s supposed to be a generic...

Count Greffi

A man who is ninety-four years old. He’s a friend of Frederic’s and only appears once...

The Captain

The captain that eats with Frederic at the Red Cross Hospital, and who taunts the priest about...


Frederic’s friend and fellow ambulance driver during the retreat. He helps Frederic kill a...

Helen Ferguson

Catherine’s friend. She’s a parental figure to Catherine and is very protective of her.

Miss Walker

Miss Walker is the nurse on duty when Frederic arrives at the hospital in Milan.

Miss Gage

She might be in love with Frederic. We first hear Frederic’s first name when he reveals it...

Miss Van Campen

An older woman in charge of the Milan Hospital. She and Frederic don’t get along, and she...

Ralph Simmons (Enrico Credo)

A singer studying in Milan. He gives Frederic his clothes in Milan before Frederic goes to Stresa.

Dr. Valentini

The surgeon who operates on Frederic’s knee.

Crowell Rodgers

Is in the Milan hospital with Frederic. His eyes were wounded on the battlefield.

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