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A Farewell to Arms Book 3, Chapter 25

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Book 3, Chapter 25

  • Frederic arrives back at the Red Cross hospital and talks to the major. The major asks if he has received his decorations, showing that he’s been wounded in battle. He says that he has, and shows the major.
  • The major tells him that it has been really bad around here, and that Rinaldi has been very busy.
  • Frederic goes up to his old room and lies down, waiting for Rinaldi.
  • When Rinaldi comes and wants to see Frederic’s knee, he takes off his pants to show it.
  • Rinaldi talks about how bad the war has been, and how he feels better when he’s operating, because he doesn’t have to think when he’s operating.
  • Frederic tells him he has jaundice and can’t drink. They decide to have a drink anyway.
  • They catch up: Rinaldi in his usual flirtatious style, Frederic in his quieter style.
  • Frederic tells him about Catherine and the pregnancy, and, when Rinaldi tries to tease him about it, he stops him.
  • They drink and talk until dinner, then go to the mess hall. The major and the priest soon join them.
  • Rinaldi tries to tease the priest, since the captain isn’t there, saying he wants it to be like old times for Frederic.
  • Rinaldi is drunk and says wild and desperate things. The priest and the major say he’s been under strain, and the priest says that Rinaldi should take a leave. Rinaldi says that they want to get rid of him.
  • Rinaldi starts talking about an illness he has that he thinks that Frederic, but not the priest, will get.
  • Rinaldi leaves after dessert and coffee, saying good-byes. He tells Frederic that he’ll send Peduzzi in the morning.
  • The major tells Frederic that Rinaldi thinks he has syphilis.

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