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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Mr. Henry is taken to a field hospital, and Rinaldi comes to visit him. Rinaldi tells him he will get a medal, and asks if he was wounded while being a hero. Mr. Henry says he was wounded while eating cheese.
  • He asks if he tried to let others get medical help before him. Mr. Henry says that he didn’t try very hard.
  • Rinaldi says they should have a drink and pours them some cognac he had brought. Mr. Henry asks about Catherine. Rinaldi says he will bring her.
  • Rinaldi says the priest will visit Mr. Henry soon, and Mr. Henry says that he likes the priest.
  • Rinaldi tells him he thinks that Mr. Henry and the priest are a little bit gay, then suggests that maybe he is too. Then he tells him he’s like him inside, Italian.
  • Then Rinaldi says he’ll have Miss Barkley come, and teases him about her.
  • Mr. Henry starts insulting Rinaldi, and Rinaldi seems to get upset. Mr. Henry tries to make it up. He starts to kiss Mr. Henry but doesn’t. He tells him goodbye, and that the cognac is under the bed.

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