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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The priest visits Mr. Henry in the ward that night, after dinner. He says he can’t stay long. He brings newspapers, a mosquito net, and a bottle of vermouth.
  • They talk about the war, how bad it is, and how they don’t know if it can be stopped.
  • The priest talks about his dream of returning to the Abruzzi region, where his family is.
  • He says that there a priest is respected, not a joke like here.
  • He and Mr. Henry talk about God. The priest says he should love Him. Mr. Henry says he doesn’t, but that sometimes he is afraid of Him at night.
  • Mr. Henry reveals that he doesn’t love anyone or know what love feels like.
  • Mr. Henry asks if loving God is like loving women. The priest says that he doesn’t know.
  • The priest needs to leave, but Mr. Henry tries to keep him there. He wants to talk, but the priest leaves anyway.
  • Mr. Henry lies there in the dark, thinking about the priest. He likes him and hopes he’ll get back to the Abruzzi where he can be happy. Then Mr. Henry falls asleep.

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