Study Guide

A Farewell to Arms Chapter 12

By Ernest Hemingway

Chapter 12

  • The next day they decide to ship Mr. Henry to Milan for treatment. Rinaldi comes to visit him with the major with whom they eat. They tell him that the hospital he’ll be going to in Milan is an American one.
  • They tell him the U.S. has declared war on Germany, and that Austria would be next. They ask his opinion on whether the U.S. will declare war on various countries. He is noncommittal and even jokes a little.
  • Mr. Henry explains that he lives on money from his grandfather. Rinaldi calls him "Federico," and tells him that Catherine plans to meet him at the hospital in Milan.
  • When they leave, Mr. Henry realizes he is drunk, but is able to sleep.
  • The next day, he leaves for Milan and has a rough trip over two days.