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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • When Frederic wakes up, he thinks he’s "back at the front," but remembers where he is when he sees his bandaged legs.
  • He rings the bell and Miss Gage comes. She finds a bottle of vermouth in his dresser and tells him that he should have asked her for some and that he shouldn’t drink by himself. Then she tells him that Catherine has arrived, and that she doesn’t like her.
  • He asks for a barber to come and shave him.
  • The barber keeps calling him "the enemy" and won’t talk to him. Frederic is careful what he says because the barber is holding a razor blade.
  • When the barber leaves, Frederic learns from the porter that the barber thought Frederic was Austrian and that’s why he was so dangerous.
  • Frederic isn’t amused, as he feels he could have had his throat slit.
  • Catherine comes in and Frederic realizes he loves her. They embrace and he implies he wants to have sex. She says they have to be careful, and he says they can do it at night.
  • She leaves and he thinks about how he didn’t want to fall in love with her, but he feels great now that he has.
  • Miss Gage comes in and tells him the doctor should be there later today.

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