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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • The doctor arrives and sends Frederic for an X-ray. Back at the American hospital, that same day, Catherine comes and shows him the X-rays.
  • Then three doctors come in to see him. He can tell away that they are not good doctors.
  • When they take off the bandages, he sees his legs look better than they did at the field hospital. At the field hospital, they had looked like old ground beef.
  • They examine him and tell him that, to be safe, he will have to heal for six months and then have an operation. He says that he can’t wait that long.
  • He asks the Lake Como doctor to recommend another surgeon: one who is a major, not a captain like those doctors. He says that he can send for a surgeon called Valentini.
  • Valentini comes and tells Frederic they can operate on him tomorrow and make him good as new.

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