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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Frederic and Catherine spend the night together. She leaves before it is light, and then comes back in the morning to prep him for surgery. She tells him she doesn’t want the other nurses to touch him, especially Helen.
  • She says she hopes there are more patients soon so she won’t have to leave. Now there are too many nurses and not enough patients.
  • He says that if she has to go, he will go with her. She gives him an enema and asks him about other women and prostitutes.
  • She wants to know if he’s ever gotten a prostitute to tell him she loved him. He lies and says he hasn’t.
  • She says that she will always say whatever he wants, and asks him what he wants now.
  • He says that he wants her to come to bed with him and she does.
  • She says that she’s all for him now, and is no longer herself. She says that she only wants what he wants.

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