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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • He wakes from the operation feeling sick, and Miss Gage is in the room.
  • There are a few other patients in the hospital now.
  • He thinks that all the nurses are fond of Catherine because she always takes the night shift.
  • She takes the night shifts so that she and Henry can spend all night with each other, and then during the day he sleeps and they send notes back and forth via Helen.
  • Helen tells Henry that he and Catherine won’t get married, because they will eventually fight or he will die.
  • She tells him not fight with Catherine, and not to get Catherine pregnant. She tells him that Catherine is tired from being up all night and needs a break, and that Miss Van Campen is suspicious about him sleeping all night.
  • When Miss Gage comes in, Frederic asks her why Catherine has to do all the night duties.
  • She looks at him funny and asks him not to talk to her like that. She reminds him that she is his friend, and tells him that one day he will know it.
  • Catherine spends three nights away from Henry and then they start up again, as if they’d both been far away.

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