Study Guide

A Farewell to Arms Chapter 20

By Ernest Hemingway

Chapter 20

  • Frederic, Catherine, Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, and Crowell Rodgers, a young man who had been wounded and stayed in the hospital with Frederic, go to the races.
  • Crowell reads the racing papers, but doesn’t care about the races. Frederic always asks for his advice and he gives it, but he would rather give it to Myers.
  • Crowell tells them the purple-haired horse has dyed hair, so Frederic and Catherine bet on it. After the race, they go to see how much they won.
  • They run into some polite Italians, and everyone is having a good time.
  • Catherine and Frederic run away to be alone. They watch a race together, drink, and feel better, and then go back to the other people and have a good time.

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