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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • The next day is cold and rainy, and Frederic doesn’t feel well. The next day, he is diagnosed with jaundice.
  • While he is laid up with jaundice, Miss Van Campen comes in and finds all the booze bottles in his dresser.
  • She gets mad and accuses him of giving himself jaundice to keep from being in the war. He points out that having jaundice feels like being kicked "in the scrotum."
  • Miss Gage comes in and asks him why Miss Van Campen is mad. He tells her and Miss Gage tries to help him get rid of the rest of the bottles, but is apprehended by Miss Van Campen, who wants to use them to prove he’s gotten himself sick drinking.
  • He’s afraid he’ll be court-martialed, but he only looses his leave.

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