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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 28

By Ernest Hemingway

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Chapter 28

  • They drive, but the roads are congested with the retreating troops, and progress is slow. Soon, progress stops, and Frederic leaves Piani in the ambulance while he goes to talk to the other drivers.
  • Aymo has two teenage sisters in his ambulance. Aymo tells them he doesn’t want to ─ them. (Shmoop isn’t censoring Aymo, Frederic is! The word Aymo says is shown as a "─" in the text.)
  • Aymo keeps saying the word, and the sisters cry. They calm down, and Aymo asks them if they are virgins. The girls confirm that they are, and seem to feel better.
  • Frederic thinks that this isn’t a good place for virgins as he goes back to the car with Piani.
  • He starts thinking of Catherine sleeping, and dreams of her before waking in the ambulance. Piani tells him he’s been talking in his sleep.
  • It looks like they can start again. Frederic says that Bonello can take the sergeants he has picked up, since they will be able to help them push if they get stuck in the mud.
  • He also lets Aymo take along his "virgins."
  • Frederic plans for them to stop soon and eat.
  • They all stop at an abandoned farmhouse, and find water, a little food, and some wine. The sergeants try to rush the ambulance drivers, and express hostility toward the ambulance drivers.
  • They soon leave the house.

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