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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • The roads are muddy and, around midday, Aymo’s car gets stuck in the mud. The two sergeants start to walk off, but Frederic stops them and tells them to help. They say they cannot stay.
  • He orders them, but they refuse and keep walking. He orders them to stop but they don’t. He begins shooting at them. One is hit, and the other is not. Aymo asks to "finish" the one who’s hit. He goes to the sergeant and shoots him two times.
  • They try really hard, but cannot get the car unstuck. Frederic says, "It’s ─ed."
  • They try to continue in the other two vehicles, but, when both give out, they walk toward Undine with the two girls. Frederic gives them money and motions them toward a town.
  • Bonello wishes they had bicycles, and says that he does not like to walk. Aymo, Bonello, and Piani tell Frederic that they are socialists, and they all walk together uphill.

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