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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

  • Catherine and Frederic go the hotel to see Ferguson, and Frederic reads the papers. The bartender tells him that Count Greffi wants to see him and play "billiards" with him. The ninety-four year old Count is one of six people around.
  • The bartender and Frederic go fishing. When they come back, Frederic feels funny and Catherine notices.
  • He tells her that he used to have lots going on, and now he feels he has nothing when he is not with her.
  • Helen is coming to lunch, and Catherine asks him to be nice to her because they have much and Helen has nothing. He says he thinks Helen is jealous of them.
  • Helen and Catherine are both happy at lunch, and then Helen goes to lie down.
  • Later, the barman comes to Catherine and Frederic’s room and tells him that Count Greffi wants him. Frederic says to tell the Count he’ll meet him for billiards at five in the afternoon.
  • Frederic plays billiards and drinks with the Count. The Count tells him that love is "a religious feeling," and not to forget it.

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