Study Guide

A Farewell to Arms Chapter 37

By Ernest Hemingway

Chapter 37

  • Frederic rows out. The weather is stormy, but the boat is light, so the rowing is not too bad, though sometimes it does get bad.
  • Catherine says that she feels badly about Ferguson waking tomorrow with no word of them.
  • Frederic says that he is worried about getting safely into Switzerland. When Frederic’s back hurts from rowing, Catherine rows for a while and he holds the umbrella over her.
  • The wind turns the umbrella inside out, and Catherine laughs.
  • Frederic takes the oars, and Catherine gets them a drink from their bags.
  • They help each other get the boat to Switzerland and hide the boat in some bushes, leaving their bag.
  • They have a nice breakfast. They are arrested, but they finesse the officers. They show their passports and make up a story about coming into Switzerland for "winter sport."
  • The officers let them go, but tell them that they have to check in at police stations wherever they go.
  • Happy and excited that they have made it to Switzerland, they find a hotel, exhausted.

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