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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 6

By Ernest Hemingway

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Chapter 6

  • Mr. Henry has returned after two days at the battle posts, but it’s rather late, so he waits until the next night to visit Catherine. He waits for her in the hospital office.
  • He has a gas mask with him. Those without gas masks are subject to arrest.
  • Finally, Catherine comes and greets him. They go out to the garden and she asks where he’s been. He tells her, and she says he should have sent her a note.
  • He wants to know if they can go somewhere private, and she says they can’t.
  • She asks him to confirm that he loves her, and he does. She asks if he told her he loved her when they last met, and he says, lying, that he did.
  • She tells him to kiss her and he does, thinking she might be "a little crazy." He knows he doesn’t love her.
  • They talk and she says that she knows he’s playing with her, lying to her. He talks to her in a sincere-sounding way, telling her that he does love her. She doesn’t believe him, and tells him he doesn’t have to say he loves her.
  • They kiss and Mr. Henry goes home. Rinaldi comes in while he is taking off his clothes, and they start to talk.

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