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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • The next afternoon, as Mr. Henry is on his way back from the post, he meets a limping soldier. Mr. Henry talks to him and learns that the soldier was accused of intentionally making his injuries worse in order to stay off the battlefield.
  • Mr. Henry gives him a ride, and he admits that he did try to make his hernia worse to avoid having to go back to the war. He’s afraid they’ll patch him up and send him back in.
  • Mr. Henry tells him to get out and fall, and that he’ll pick him up and take him somewhere to recover. But it’s too late, and the American soldier is picked up by his people.
  • Back at his place, Mr. Henry showers, then writes some postcards.
  • He wishes that he was fighting with the British and is sure that he won’t be killed in this particular war, but wishes intensely that it was over.
  • He plans to see Catherine after the evening meal and wishes she was with him, and that he could take her to Milan where they could eat and go to a hotel.
  • At dinner the men talk and drink wine.
  • One man tells a story about going to a jail to bail out an imprisoned priest. When he got there he said, "Bless me father, for you have sinned." The men continue swapping stories.
  • The major asks him if his name is Enrico Federico, or Federico Enrico (and gives us a hint of his name).
  • Mr. Henry gets up to visit Catherine. Rinaldi warns him not to go drunk and gives him coffee beans to chew and help sober him, and Mr. Henry thanks him and chews them.
  • When Mr. Henry gets to the hospital, Helen tells him that Catherine isn’t feeling well.
  • He asks if tomorrow might be better, and she says it would.
  • Mr. Henry feels badly that he drank too much and almost forgot about her, and that he doesn’t get to see her now.

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