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Farewell to Manzanar Part I, Chapter 10

By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston

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Part I, Chapter 10

The Reservoir Shack: An Aside

  • Note: This whole chapter is in italics so you know something's up, and that something is this whole side story to the December Riot.
  • Kaz, Jeanne's brother-in-law, works on the reservoir maintenance crew.
  • During the riot, he and the rest of the crew are the only ones from camp who are allowed to work or leave camp, and they're even given pickaxes to protect themselves from the rioters who are inu-hunting (looking for traitors).
  • While Kaz and his crew are in the maintenance shack, a bunch of military police guys barge in and basically threaten to kill Kaz and the crew.
  • Kaz explains to the sergeant—who looks totally crazed and paranoid—why the crew has to work and why they have pickaxes.
  • While the sergeant goes off to confirm that Kaz is right, the other military police guys who get left behind are completely jittery. They look just as scared of Kaz and the crew as Kaz and the crew are of them even though the military police are the only ones with guns.
  • Finally the sergeant returns and clears them.

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