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Farewell to Manzanar Part II, Chapter 15

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Part II, Chapter 15


  • The family's starting to get smaller.
  • Eleanor and her baby are the first to leave—they go back to Reno to live with friends—and then Woody gets drafted, which pretty much tears up everyone in the family because he's like the rock of the family.
  • The send-off is full of proud, nervous people—especially Woody, who's all into proving how honorable and manly he is.
  • Mama on the other hand is probably recalling how another mother in the camp has just received a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for her son who died in Italy.
  • All of this just makes everything in camp more uncertain: families are splitting apart even more, and those left behind don't know how long they'll be in camp.
  • Anxious times.

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