Study Guide

General Kirsanov and Agafokleya Kuzminisha Kirsanov in Fathers and Sons

By Ivan Turgenev

General Kirsanov and Agafokleya Kuzminisha Kirsanov

General Kirsanov and Agafokleya Kuzminishna are the father and mother of Nikolai and Pavel Petrovich. General Kirsanov was a well-respected man who served in the military for 23 years (1812 – 1835). Vassily Ivanych, who was a military doctor under him, remembers him as a great man.

Agafokleya Kuzminishna came from a successful family, and she filled out the role of military wife quite naturally and easily.

Being a military man, Kirsanov expected his sons to follow suit. He gave up Nikolai as something of a bad case when he became injured before joining the service. It's clear that Kirsanov was much closer to Pavel Petrovich, who also pursued a successful career in the military.

After retiring in 1835, Kirsanov planned to settle down in Petersburg. Yet, he died of a stroke the same year. Agafokleya Kuzminishna, grief-stricken, followed soon after.