Study Guide

Fight Club Chapter 10

By Chuck Palahniuk

Chapter 10

  • Our narrator starts working with Tyler as a waiter at the Pressman Hotel. Tyler pees in the soup. Why are we not surprised?
  • Tyler also tells us a story. Well, our narrator tells it, but he knows it because Tyler knows it, whatever that means.
  • This story is about Tyler's first mission as "a service industry terrorist" (10.57). Kind of like spitting on fast-food fries taken to the extreme.
  • Catering a party, Tyler left a note for the hostess which said, "I have passed an amount of urine into at least one of your many elegant fragrances." (10.31) He didn't really, but she didn't know that.
  • Naturally, she flips out. She thinks her husband did it, and she locks herself in the bathroom, breaks all the perfume bottles, and starts swinging a half broken bottle around, swearing she'll cut her husband if he comes near.
  • Eventually she calms down, and her husband manages to pick her up and get an ambulance called. She's bleeding, covered in glass and perfume.
  • Thinking about this story, our narrator wonders how they might be able to get a hold of some hepatitis bugs and use them to contaminate the dessert.
  • Hmmm.