Study Guide

Fight Club Chapter 2

By Chuck Palahniuk

Chapter 2

  • Our narrator is in a church basement support group being hugged by a man named Bob. FYI: Bob has giant man boobs.
  • Even though our narrator doesn't have cancer, he has insomnia. He says, "I'm lost inside" (2.11). So he comes to support groups, hugs people, and cries.
  • But there's a problem: the testicular cancer support group, Remaining Men Together, has a new member. A cigarette-smoking woman.
  • That's right, a woman. In the testicular cancer support group. That takes balls.
  • Our narrator "can't cry with her watching" (2.30).
  • He tells us about his first visit to support groups, the people he's met, and how he's been coming to them for two years now. It's the only way he can sleep.
  • Now, this woman, Marla, is at all of them. Ruining them. Our narrator can't sleep anymore, and he fantasizes about telling Marla to get out.