Study Guide

Fight Club Chapter 27

By Chuck Palahniuk

Chapter 27

  • Our narrator wakes up in the blown-up shell of his former apartment.
  • Here's some good news: he sticks his hand down his pants and discovers that he won't have to go to the no-testicle support group for real.
  • He calls Marla and asks her to meet him where they first met.
  • They meet at that romantic hotspot: the basement of the Methodist church, the site of the bowel cancer support group.
  • Marla's not happy. She slaps him. She realizes all the bad stuff he's been a part of: vandalism, terrorism, murder.
  • This is all going on in the middle of the cancer support group, but they don't seem to mind. They kind of want him to stay.
  • Our narrator can't stay, though. He has to go take care of Tyler, his alternate personality.
  • Before he leaves, he tells Marla, "I think I like you" (27.90). Not quite what Partridge Family songs are made of, but it's really sweet in context.