Study Guide

Fight Club Chapter 30

By Chuck Palahniuk

Chapter 30

  • "When I pulled the trigger, I died. Liar. And Tyler died" (30.2-30.4).
  • Oh, except our narrator didn't die. He thinks he's in heaven, but it look suspiciously like a hospital to us.
  • We have to wonder if he's lying about Tyler dying, too...
  • He thinks he's talking to God, who strangely resembles a psychiatrist.
  • He dreams of calling Marla. This time, when Marla picks up the phone, he'll be there. The line won't be dead.
  • If this is heaven, it has some of the weirdest angels. Nurses and janitors have black eyes and broken noses.
  • They say, "Everything's going according to the plan" (30.35).
  • Hmmm. It doesn't look like Tyler is dead after all.
  • Project Mayhem lives on.