Study Guide

Fight Club Society and Class

By Chuck Palahniuk

Society and Class

Class warfare has been making headlines for longer than we can remember. And in 1996, Fight Club's Tyler Durden was making his statement. Although Project Mayhem's methods are radical and dangerous, its goals—ending social and economic inequality and inspiring change from the bottom up—are still relevant today. And we're guessing they will be for quite a while.

Questions About Society and Class

  1. In what ways is Project Mayhem similar to the Occupy movement? How does it differ?
  2. What tactics—both violent and non-violent—does Project Mayhem use to achieve its goals, and how effective are they?
  3. Why are only working class men drawn to fight club and Project Mayhem? Why are there no upper-class men in fight club?

Chew on This

Project Mayhem's subtle tactics—subversive bumper stickers and peeing in perfume—may be funny, but they don't exactly help Project Mayhem achieve its goals of a new world order. They have to escalate to more extreme, and violent, means of action.

Project Mayhem's mission is to create a world in which the working class rules, but its actual goal is to unite people under Tyler Durden. In Tyler we trust.