Study Guide

Eladio in For Whom the Bell Tolls

By Ernest Hemingway


Eladio is actually memorable for being the least memorable character of the book. Although he's a member of Pablo's band and Andrés's older brother, we see much less of him than any of the other characters. He goes nameless for a long time after we first fleetingly meet him, and when he actually gets a name somewhere in the middle of the book, just see if you notice. Robert Jordan certainly doesn't: he repeatedly forgets Eladio's name, and if you're able to remember it, it's probably only because of how often Robert Jordan forgets it. Eladio's not one for talking either. So when Eladio is shot in the head at the end, nobody really notices his loss all that much. It's like he was a character that Hemingway made to be expendable.

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