Study Guide

For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 14

By Ernest Hemingway

Chapter 14

  • The three reach the cave, where most of the others are gathered; it's already snowing. Robert Jordan is not happy: all of his beautiful plans!
  • Pablo, predictably, is happy, and won't let them hear the end of it. He also appears to be drunk.
  • Neither Anselmo nor Rafael have returned.
  • Robert Jordan begins to have murderous thoughts about Pablo, who is growing more and more irritating. He starts speaking to himself in English to vent.
  • Pablo goes on, and talks about the snow storm. It's a big one. Robert Jordan's anger begins to die down as he grows interested in the snowstorm.
  • Asked by Robert Jordan, Pablo talks a bit about his past. He was a horse contractor in Zaragoza, where he met Pilar, who was still with Finito the bullfighter.
  • One of the other men pipes up that Finito wasn't much of a matador. Way to set off Pilar again. An argument ensues about the merits and demerits of Finito, with Pilar keen to defend him.
  • What's remarkable about Finito is how much he made with what little he had: a short stature, a great fear of bulls, and tuberculosis to boot. He still managed to be terrific in the ring.
  • Pilar describes the last great triumph of Finito in the ring, and the party which followed it. It wasn't so great for Finito: during the meal, he was unable to eat and began coughing up blood. Then, when the bull's head was presented to him, he freaked out and stormed away. After that, he didn't live much longer.
  • Pilar remembers Finito on his deathbed. It makes her feel sad once more.
  • She thinks of her lost Finito, and her lost Pablo (since Pablo is a shell of what he once was). She's endured, but for what purpose?
  • At that moment, Rafael comes in and gives a report on the sentries.
  • Anselmo is still out in the snow, and Robert Jordan wants to get him.
  • Rafael, back to being useless again, wants to stay and eat, so Fernando takes Robert Jordan after receiving directions from Rafael.