Study Guide

Foundation Part I, Chapter 2

By Isaac Asimov

Part I, Chapter 2

  • The ship lands, and Gaal exits into the Debarkation Building, a travel hub that makes LAX look like a Kansas airstrip.
  • Gaal is pointed toward some taxis, and although the system initially confuses him, he manages to convince one to take him to the nearest hotel. LOL tourists, right?
  • Trantor is way big. Everything is housed inside vast structures and buildings. The taxis and other vehicles use tunnels to get through and between the buildings. It's just like a colony of ants.
  • When Gaal arrives at the Luxor Hotel (not that one), he notices he hasn't seen the sky since his arrival.
  • Actually, that does sound a lot like Vegas.
  • Another Encyclopedia Galactica entry concludes this chapter. Get use to them; they'll be popping up a lot.
  • This one gives us some details on Trantor. The entire planet's surface is one giant city that, at its height, housed forty billion people. Yeah, with a B. The entire population completely dedicates itself to administrating the Galactic Empire, meaning the small tasks in life like growing food are outsourced to other planets.