Study Guide

Foundation Part III, Chapter 3

By Isaac Asimov

Part III, Chapter 3

  • We start with a little history of Anacreon.
  • Back in the good old days, they were amongst the richest prefects in the Periphery. As time passed, they lost their prestige.
  • But that doesn't mean the nobles have stopped going out on big Nyak hunts. (Nyaks are some sort of big flying animal.)
  • Back in the present, King Lepold is just on his way out to a Nyak hunt when Uncle Wienis summons him back.
  • Lepold starts bragging about his elite Nyak hunting skills, but Wienis shuts him down proper with news that the Foundation has started to repair the battle cruiser for them.
  • Obviously the Foundation doesn't actually mean to attack them right? You can practically hear Wienis roll his eyes when Lepold says this.
  • Lepold may wear the crown, but Wienis wears the pants in this family. Oh, and has the brain.
  • Actually, there's going to be war with the Foundation. Why? Well, they've got the power, and shouldn't Lepold's descendants have that power instead?
  • Lepold admits there's something to that notion.
  • If Anacreon has the power of the Foundation, it also means the other Kingdoms won't have that power too.
  • Plus, for Wienis, there's the added bonus of humiliating Salvor Hardin, the man who insulted his father by preventing the Anacreon military base to be built on Terminus.
  • Lepold is a little scared of going after Hardin. After all, Hardin is the Galactic Spirit's prophet, and if the Galactic Spirit really did exist, then it sure wouldn't like them attacking his prophet.
  • Wienis believes Hardin's religion is pure trash and poppycock and balderdash and all that. (To be fair, it kind of is.)
  • They'll use the religion to their advantage, though, since it promotes Lepold as king by divine right. Once they remove Foundation, Hardin, and Verisof from the equation, then no one will question Lepold's divinity.
  • With that, the matter is settled. War it is. But first a Nyak hunt.
  • Lepold leaves for the hunt, and Wienis warns his nephew to be careful. Ever since the last king died on the hunt, his uncle has "feared" for the King's safety.
  • Wow, that's not subtle at all.
  • Wienis licks his lips when he thinks about Anacreon getting all Foundation's power. Oh, and by the way? He and his sons are next in line for the throne.
  • Cue hand wringing and the maniacal laughter.