Study Guide

Foundation Part III, Chapter 5

By Isaac Asimov

Part III, Chapter 5

  • Rewind. Hardin is on his way to Anacreon, and it's snowing on Terminus. Lee warns that it's going to look like he's running away, but Hardin says basically that talk will be talk and he's going.
  • On the ride to the spaceport, the two chitchat about yesterday's City Council meeting.
  • Apparently, Sermak really did call for Hardin's impeachment and even brought the idea to a vote. Hardin's side won with 206 to 184 opposed.
  • Lee feels that's cutting it a little close.
  • Then Action Party walked out in protest of the vote,while Sermak shouted that Hardin was going to Anacreon to get his payment and that everyone who voted for him is a traitor.
  • His final cry claimed they weren't called the Action Party for nothing
  • We're pretty sure that's a threat, although he could use a little more work on the whole menace thing.
  • Hardin doesn't seem worried. He has something else on his mind: thirty years ago, Hari Seldon appeared to them in the Vault, delivering a message on the eve of their first Seldon Crisis. Hardin believes they're at the edge of another crisis but isn't sure if Seldon will appear or not.
  • Being the gambling man he is, he gives Lee a set of instructions:
  • Announce to the Council that Hardin has left for Anacreon, and then announce there will be another Seldon recording aired during the Foundation's 80th anniversary. The message will be regarding the successful conclusion of the current crisis.
  • Is it true? Hardin could care less; he only wants to confuse his political adversaries—and maybe even his supporters—so he gets a little more time.
  • At the spaceport, Hardin apologizes for leaving Lee in the frying pan but asks his old friend not to jump into the fire. Lee agrees that things are hot enough already.