Study Guide

Foundation Part III, Chapter 7

By Isaac Asimov

Part III, Chapter 7

  • We zip over to the flagship of Wienis's armada—unsurprisingly named Wienis—to enter the perspective of one Theo Aporat. Aporat is the head priest aboard the ship. He's thinking of the device he and the Foundation men put on the ship: a hyperwave relay.
  • Believing that Wienis's orders to attack the Foundation are sacrilegious, Aporat springs into action.
  • He enters the communication room with his acolytes and uses the equipment to send a message to the whole ship.
  • The gist of the message: going through with Wienis's plan is a sin that will doom your soul to the frigidity of space forever. And no one wants that, right? Right.
  • Aporat commandeers the vessel and tells the soldiers that if they want to keep their souls in good with the Galactic spirit, best not to interfere. He then rocks a curse on the ship that is pretty epic.
  • Just at the end of the curse, at midnight, the ship's power dies—thanks to the hyperwave relay, but, obvs, it seems like the Galactic spirit.
  • The soldiers guarding the room freak out, but Aporat tells them to follow him and save their souls.
  • They locate Prince Lefkin, captain of the ship and Wienis's son. Lefkin commands his soldiers to seize Aporat but nothin' doing. They seize Lefkin on Aporat's command instead.
  • Aporat orders the defeated Lefkin to sound the retreat. Then he opens a communication with Anacreon via the hyperwave relay and demands Lefkin to say one more thing.