Study Guide

Foundation Part V, Chapter 11

By Isaac Asimov

Part V, Chapter 11

  • At a nuclear reactor, Mallow confronts one of those illustrious tech-men.
  • Mallow has sent the man a gift, but the tech-man was less than thrilled by the offering. Good thing Mallow brought the top shelf stuff with him on this trip.
  • But the tech-man sees where this is going. Mallow presents him with some trinket, and all he wants in return is to be adopted into the tech-man clan. Well, no, sir, the tech-man isn't buying it. He requests that Mallow leave before he is required to either (1) report him or (2) kill him.
  • But Mallow thinks there might be room for a (3), a gift so great the Emperor himself would want one. But first things first. The tech-man needs to shoot him with a blaster.
  • Naturally, the tech-man is a little miffed at the request, but Mallow is stern. He needs to be shot at. The tech-man obliges, and Mallow's personal force-shield protects him.
  • When offered the force-shield, the tech-man snatches it up greedily. He can hardly believe something so powerful is contained in something the size of a walnut.
  • But what is it that Mallow wants? Nothing much, he just wants to see the nuclear generators. Following everyone's mom's rule, Mallow promises to look with his eyes and not his hands.
  • The tech-man agrees.