Study Guide

Foundation Part V, Chapter 16

By Isaac Asimov

Part V, Chapter 16

  • The Commdora pays her husband a visit. She understands the Commdor has finally reached a decision about the Foundation, which is good because her father is getting seriously angry.
  • The Commdor's response? Eh. If he wanted the Foundation taken already, he could have sent more ships. Besides, trade with the Foundation is worth money—a whole lot of money.
  • The Commdora starts to wonder if the Foundation has done more for the Commdor than her father has, but the Commdor really doesn't feel like having this discussion. If it'll shut up her and her father, then he will wage war with the Foundation.
  • Everyone's happy. After all, if the Commdor can gain the Foundation's power, then maybe he can finally be rid of her and her father.