Study Guide

Foundation Part V, Chapter 2

By Isaac Asimov

Part V, Chapter 2

  • Same day, different location. In Sutt's apartment, Publius Manlio sips wine while he and Sutt discuss Mallow's abilities.
  • Manlio asks Sutt if something is on his mind. Sure is: "Seldon Crisis."
  • How does he know? A possible nuclear weapon plus an internal political crisis seems to add up to Seldon crisis (assuming he added properly and remembered to carry the one).
  • Also, it's been about seventy-five years since the last crisis (Hardin's crisis from "The Mayors"), so Sutt feels the Foundation is about due—which is usually the feeling you get at the casino before your wallet is cleaned out.
  • Manlio concludes that Sutt has plans to deal with the Seldon crisis, and he's to play a part in it. No wonder he brought out the good wine.
  • Sutt doesn't like the traders having so much power in the Foundation. Seems Manila's job will be to prove—or perhaps create—treachery amongst the traders.
  • Meanwhile, Sutt will take care of the political side. Who knows? Both the primacy and the mayoralty may be his for the taking when it's all over.