Study Guide

Foundation Part V, Chapter 3

By Isaac Asimov

Part V, Chapter 3

  • At the other end of town, in Mallow's apartment, more political rigmarole is afoot. Jaim Twer is trying to convince Mallow to be the trader's representation in the council.
  • Mallow conveniently has business next week, so he declines. When Twer hears that Sutt is involved in this business, he has a mild freak out, claiming that Sutt must be trying to get rid of Mallow.
  • Mallow says he has to work with Sutt, because a Seldon crisis is inbound. Apparently Twer slept through school that day, because he requires Mallow to give another long, drawn-out explanation of what a Seldon crisis is.
  • Twer wants to know what Mallow's plan is for dealing with the situation, but Mallow just quotes Hardin, who said: "To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well" (V.3.28).
  • If we weren't sure until now, we have our protagonist. If you quote Hardin in a Foundation story, you become the protagonist by default.
  • Mallow asks Twer to go with him. Why not? The trip only has potentially world-shattering consequences attached. Might be fun.