Study Guide

Four Part 5

By Veronica Roth

Part 5

"First Jumper – Tris!"

  • Four checks his watch, waiting for the first initiate to jump.
  • Lauren bets him it'll be a Dauntless-born who jumps first.
  • Four balks at this bet. Balks! "It's always a Dauntless born. No bet." (5.12)
  • He should have bet: the first jumper tumbles into the net. It's a small girl, "A Stiff" (5.17) which is unheard of.
  • Four says there were no Abnegation transfers since him, two years ago.
  • He asks the girl her name.
  • She thinks about it, and Four feels connected to her. He also had to think of a new name.
  • She says it's Tris, and he makes the announcement. "First jumper—Tris!" (5.26)
  • Then he welcomes her to Dauntless.