Study Guide

Four Part 6

By Veronica Roth

Part 6

"Careful, Tris."

  • Four takes his initiates on a tour.
  • One of them, a Candor girl named Christina, likes to joke around, and Four tells her to keep her mouth shut.
  • Later, he listens in at lunch. Christina can't believe that Tris has never had a hamburger.
  • Eric walks in, and Four tells everyone that he's a Dauntless leader.
  • He comes over to their table and says to Christina and Tris, "We'll see how long you last." (5.39) How leader-y of him.
  • Eric tells Four that Max has been looking for him, and Four says he's not interested in anything Max has to offer him.
  • After Eric leaves, Four says that Eric was a fellow initiate, a transfer from Erudite.
  • Tris asks if Four was a transfer too.
  • Four says she asks too many questions, and Tris gives him a sarcastic response.
  • "Careful, Tris" (6.59) he says to her. He tells her to be careful what she says to everyone in Dauntless.
  • Then he realizes that he knows her as Andrew Prior's daughter: Beatrice.