Study Guide

Four Part 7

By Veronica Roth

Part 7

"You Look Good, Tris."

  • Four is drinking and joking around with Zeke, when Tris walks by.
  • He goes over to her and tells her she looks "different" (7.6).
  • He didn't notice that she had a tattoo either, of crows, one of her fears.
  • "You look good, Tris" (7.18) he says after leaning close to her. Ooh, swoon!
  • Tris advises him to stay away from the chasm, in his inebriated state.
  • They smile at each other! It's the height of chaste flirting.
  • Four thinks to himself, "I prefer her to alcohol" (7.23). Again, this is his version of a compliment.