Study Guide

Four Strength and Skill

By Veronica Roth

Strength and Skill

In Four, each faction values different traits as strengths. Erudite values intelligence; candor, honesty; amity, kindness; abnegation, boring clothes; and dauntless, fearless physical power.

With such a strong focus on physicality in Dauntless, it's easy to forget that strength doesn't always equal muscle mass. Thankfully, although Four excels at rippling biceps, he has other skills to complement his physique.

Questions About Strength and Skill

  1. What are Tobias's strengths before he becomes Four? What new strengths does he recognize after changing his name?
  2. What strengths does Dauntless value? What traits not valued by Dauntless can still be viewed as strengths in a "normal" society?
  3. What strengths does Four recognize in Tris? What strengths does she have that he doesn't?
  4. How does Dauntless make its initiates stronger?

Chew on This

Four is strong even when he's "Tobias," he just doesn't realize it while under his father's abusive roof.

Tris complements Four by possessing strengths that he doesn't have, like social skills.