Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 15

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 15

  • One night, the monster finds books and clothes in the woods while he is foraging for food. The most important book for him is Paradise Lost, which the monster mistakenly reads as history instead of fiction. How would he know?
  • Obviously, he sympathizes with Satan's character.
  • He also finds some of Victor's journal entries in the pockets of the clothes he initially took from Victor. Big mistake. He discovers that Victor was totally grossed out by him and hated that he had brought the monster to life.
  • This stings considerably.
  • The monster decides that the cottagers are his last hope for social acceptance. Since De Lacey is blind and the younger people often leave him alone during the day, the monster plans to gain De Lacey's trust and acceptance and in turn be trusted by Felix, Agatha, and Safie.
  • Soon, the monster gets his opportunity. He approaches De Lacey, who is kind and cordial to him.
  • But the others return too soon and freak out. Felix drives him off, and, when the monster finally comes back, they're gone. For good.

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